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« Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone. »

Leo Tolstoy, WHAT IS ART ?, 1898


ART FOR ALL - Introduction to contemporary art for everybody by the LOFT Gallery

The LOFT gallery is launching a new challenge today. Offer a veritable collection of iconic works by contemporary artists from various origins and universes in the form of high-quality and small-format editions, as affordable (from 200 euros) as they are desirable. Multiples designed in direct collaboration with the artists or their estates, signed and numbered between 300 and 1000 copies, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and presented in elegant boxes.
Real works of art accessible to all, a concentrate of "ART FOR ALL".


Celebrate Mother's Day with Parvine Curie's artwork

Parvine Curie’s work, The Sheltered Child, carries with the devotion and reciprocal love. The figures of parents and child, barely sketched but so evident, are intrinsically linked to each other to create a space of refuge, protection and eternal love.


Antonio Segui, storyteller

It is this desire to smile as much as a bittersweet feeling that Antonio Seguí leaves today in our hearts. When I heard the news of his death, it was first of all the sadness that I felt, to know that I will no longer see this great man and formidable artist whose works have always accompanied my career as a gallery owner. I also think back to the happiness I had to see him just a few weeks ago before he left for Argentina with the same joy of living that has characterized him for more than thirty years that we have been working together.


France 2 Telematin:
when art becomes more democratic


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