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Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone. Léon Tolstoï, WHAT IS ART ? (chapter X), 1898

For thousands of years, the history of humanity has been characterized by the incredible capacity of human beings to adapt to their environment by using the power of imagination and of creation. This extraordinary faculty, that distinguishes us from most species, manifests itself in particular by an artistic production we have been iving with daily for the past 42 000 years.

But if art is as vital to us, is it attainable to everybody?

Art has often been a tool of propaganda or political and social separation, a way to define and sometimes divide populations. We will have to wait till 1959 for André Malraux to raise the notion of “democratization of art” and favour the opening of cultural spaces to a new public. But again, the most humble in the population are not able to acquire works of art for themselves. Museums have been producing exhibition catalogues, then posters and more recently “goodies” to satisfy the visitors eagerness, but a barrier still needed to be crossed. In the 1960’s Andy Warhol opened a breach with his silkscreens, followed by Keith Haring in the 1980’s when he widely and loudly declared “art is for everybody”. Still even if street art has changed our perception of what exhibition spaces could be, everything needs to be done in terms of acquiring art. It’s urgent today to demystify the “elitism” of art to make our connection towards artworks evolve.


What's art for all ?

The story of ART FOR ALL and the new challenge of the Loft Gallery.

Play Video about Collection ART FOR ALL by Galerie Loft
It’s with this idea in mind that the “Art For All” collection was created.

The Loft gallery has chosen with this unique angle, to offer for sale key artworks of great quality. Each chosen piece has been thought thru and made with the collaboration of the artists in a numbered limited edition, accompanied of a certificate of authenticity, at an affordable price (from 200 €). With this in perspective, to buy artworks is no longer a budget problem, but clearly a question of desire.

At Loft Gallery, we consider that it is time today to say: Yes Art is For All ! Yes everybody can buy art! and yes art can invite itself in all the areas of your life! Aesthetics are a universal feeling and we have the right to integrate art into our personal worlds. Let’s put some poetry, humor, history, conscience or colors in our everyday life.

Let’s just simply live art, for us …for all.