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Parvine Curie was born in Nancy in 1936, of French-Iranian origin. After her studies she left to visit Europe and decided to settle in Barcelona in 1957, discovering Catalan art. She practiced sculpture as an autodidact, following the advice of sculptor Marcel Marti with whom she had a son, David in 1959. In 1970, she moved to Paris and presented at the young sculpture salon, the work Première Mère, which marked the sculptor François Stahly. He invites her to come and work alongside him at the collective workshop in Crestet (Vaucluse). Parvine learns the basics of the trade, sculpts wood and stone. She married Stahly in 1975 and subsequently carried out numerous public commissions. Her work, which was initially more hieratic, then evolved into a more dynamic style. Her sculptures, between figures and architecture, and strongly inspired by the places she visited, are marked by pure lines and materials and testify to her constant desire to question space and light.


The work


“When I discovered sculpture, I found a kind of strength that pushed me to define a form that is close to a “mother compartment”, both architecture and character. I don’t do abstract sculpture. I have always looked for the human in sculpture”, Parvine Curie, interviews with Scarlett Reliquet.


The works of Parvine Curie bear two essences, that of monumentality and intimacy. They impose themselves by shapes that attract us and reassure us. If her prac- tice of sculpture has evolved during her rich life of tra- vels and discoveries, she has never ceased to incarnate her great sensibility as a woman and a mother. It is not by accident that many of her works integrate this theme. Theses mothers are real cabin-ships that sym- bolise a transcended mother, powerful and protecting.

In the work Sheltered child (L’enfant abrité) we can particularly find this strength. Her keenness for slender forms brings us to mind a refuge as well as the reassuring comfort of a united family, and we can’t help to have a moving thought for her son, the poet David Martí who died in 2007. The choice of integrating this work to the Art For All collection is not trivial. It proves once more the richness of contemporary sculpture and its impact on our modern society.


2007 – Ed. 2021,
Painted cast metal Black or white
H. 14 x W. 14 x D. 11 cm – 2700 g.
Signed on the side Numbered at 300 ex.
Dimensions of the box with protective case: H. 20 x W. 20 x D. 15 cm

Artist with the sculpture “L’enfant abrité” , 2021

Additional information

Weight 2700 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 11 cm

Cast iron


Engraved signature


Edition of 300




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