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Modernism and Post-Modernism is not the enemy of tradition, but a renewed expression of tradition.

Li Lihong

Li Lihong is an artist from Jiangxi Province and more specifically Jingdezhen Village, famous for producing royal Chinese porcelain for centuries.

Nourished by an illustrious tradition, Li Lihong dreamed of becoming a great ceramist from an early age and followed the master Qin Xiling to learn the traditional technique. The Young Artist is inspired by the greatest ceramics in Chinese history, while bringing a contemporary touch to his works.

McDonald's China (Dragons in the Sky), Li Lihong, Porcelain
Absolut China, Li Lihong, Porcelain

He reinvents Chinese porcelain in a radical manner; after having taken in all the different international influences (publicity, consumer society…) that the Chinese assimilated after the implantation on their territory of worldwide firms such as Coca-Cola or Mac Donald’s in the 1980’s.
With these hybrid works of art Li Lihong transcribes all the ancestral quality of traditional Chinese porcelain now affixed to new shapes born from the meeting of east and west, creating genuine modern icons, that are surprising, fragile and poetic.

Apple China, Ed.2007, Porcelain, Edition in 300.

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