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L’officiel Galeries & Musées : Les vortex de Philippe Huart

“Fasciné par l’aspect graphique qui se trouve dans les publicités et stratégies marketing aux États-Unis, Philippe Huart se consacre depuis 1991 à la revisite du Pop Art dans ses peintures aux couleurs vives et saturées. Si l’on connait déjà ses compositions mélangeant signalisation, logos et autres panneaux, l’artiste nous présente à la galerie Loft ses dernières créations…”

Publié le 26 mars par Mathilde Mascolo

Exposition personnelle de Philippe Huart à la Galerie Loft, 2021

Cet artiste vous propose

Philippe Huart was born in 1953 in Clamart (France). After studying at the Superior School of Modern Arts in Paris, he became an illustrator and graphic designer for literary and phonographic editions. In 1991 he decided to devote himself to painting and then participated in numerous exhibitions, individual or collective in France and abroad. He was inspired by the effects of advertising, marketing and consumption. His painting is based on the concept of “objective reality”. Pictorial perception is above all “visual”. It is linked to forms and rhythms. The works of Philippe Huart are not only everyday objects, but a “symbol”. These symbols, trivialized by their accumulation and frequency within our environment, of which only the juxtaposition and the superposition of their enlarged fragments would allow us to perceive them from a new angle, both surprising and familiar.